The City has failed to protect our elections by refusing to enforce its own sign ordinances, because they planned on violating these laws themselves. It is up to the residents of Long Beach to fight back.#GoLongBeach #PeopleFirst #LongBeachCityCouncil #longbeach #politics #election #2020 #robertfox #fox4d2lb

Posted by Robert Fox for Long Beach on Friday, February 14, 2020

The City Violates its own ordinances, as well as state law and the basic values of a free democracy whereby government power & tax dollars cannot under any circumstances be used to sway electoral outcomes.

After City Code Enforcement sent letters out to every candidate regarding the illegality of the placement of signs on public property, with the admonition that there would be civil penalties, cost of removal and possible prosecution for the violation of this ordinance, the City of Long Beach has blatantly and with malicious intent placed signs on the wide-open streets, the sidewalks and the curbs of right of way throughout the City to openly campaign for, with your tax dollars, their own dishonest pro-Measure A signs.

This double standard is unacceptable
There is not one law for citizens and one law for the government.

Equality under the law is the guiding principle of this Nation, and if we lose this, then the nation is doomed. This is the stone foundation of Democracy. Whenever the government breaks its own rules for its own advantage, that is the beginning of a fascist State.

I am sure Mayor Robert Garcia, the POA, The Firefighters Union, the Employees, and Managers Unions, and the Corporate interests were fully aware that they were violating the law, as the signs were hard cardboard screwed into metal sawhorses. This willful, illegal and flagrant violation of the law shows why we should ALL rise up in Protest.


To vote yes would be to accept this autocratic and dictatorial government that has no respect for the law, and thinks they are above the law.
• Did they think we would not notice?
• Did they think we would not care?
• Did they think we could not protest or fight back?
• Did they think we could not litigate (since it is costly to do so)?
• Or Did they just think they were above the law?

Where have we heard this before?

No democratic republic will survive when the government ignores its own laws to increase its own power and wealth. We have reached that stage locally in Long Beach.

I am no longer ashamed of our City. I am outraged and fearful.
This is a plea to all citizens of this City. If you see an illegally placed campaign sign for Measures A & B, especially those official-looking signs stealing your own taxpayer dollars to campaign in direct violation of the state constitution (the Stanson decision and the City has already been sued and lost on this issue, i.e. the Norm Ryan case), first call and confirm with Code Enforcement, and then by right of your citizenship and the laws of this City, tear them down. Throw them in dumpsters or garbage cans. Make bonfires of them or just hold them for the City to pick up. (After you have mangled them)

Power to The People!

There is always a straw that breaks the camel’s back, and we have just experienced it.

(Not only were the signs placed illegally, on roads being repaired, and out in the streets,) but the City once again violated the law by campaigning for these measures with your tax dollars, and by using pictures of officers in uniform, which is a severe violation of the law)

Do not go to sleep people of Long Beach.

This is a notice to the City, that I, Robert Fox, after speaking to Code Enforcement and confirming the illegality of pro-Measure A signs on public property prior to an election, took the illegal and clear dangerous traffic hazard sign from the street at Broadway and Atlantic Ave in front of the Von’s Market. This is a picture of that sign.

I would love to see all of you in court as you try to justify your illegal actions.