Here is a list of Serious Solutions for the most pressing problems we face in Long Beach:

Police Reform
  • Shut Down the Police Officer’s Association’s money machine
  • Reaffirm the powers of the Citizen’s Police Complaint Commission as described in the City Charter
  • Propose a ballot measure to demand that CPCC reports directly the City Council and the people NOT the City Manager or the Mayor
  • Enforce misconduct statutes in our Police code of conduct
  • Begin a Nationwide Search for new upper management for the LBPD 
  • End the LBPD Overtime Scam and Reallocate 30% of the Police Budget
  • Restore Community Policing
  • Reduce Parking citation fines to 2016 levels
  • Build Parking Structures on major corridors
  • Create Diagonal Parking in neighborhoods
  • Designate Preferential/Permit Parking zones for residents.
  • Work with local businesses to rent out Parking Spaces overnight
  • Hire a City Parking Manager to co-ordinate a parking plan
City Hall Reform
  • Reduce Salaries of City Hall employees earning over $100k annually by 25%
  • Let go redundancy of middle management
  • Audit City Hall, and publish the findings to the public
  • Limit and Regulate Independent Expenditure account campaign spending
  • Prevent the use of funds in office-holder accounts for election campaign purposes
  • Overturn Measure BBB and restore 2-term limits to City Council
  • Re-establish Community-Inclusive Government by invigorating Neighborhood Associations and Community Outreach programs

Affordable Housing

  • Pass The COVID-19 Rent Forgiveness and Housing Security Act
  • Set aside at least $20 million per year in the budget for government-constructed affordable housing
  • Close Inclusionary Housing loopholes for multi-billion dollar development companies
  • Protect low and moderate income tenants from developer gentrification and predatory Land Use Plans
  • Deprioritize the construction of unaffordable luxury condos
  • Build duplexes, container homes and tiny homes to encourage affordable home ownership


  • Increase the number of beds in our Homeless Service Centers to match our Homeless Count
  • Provide opportunities to move Homeless People into transitional and co-op housing
  • Hire Social Workers and Mental Health Care Providers to ensure Homeless People have a continuum of care
  • Open the Multi-Service Center on 12th Ave 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • Develop Downtown Triage Center with a bus that goes twice a day to the Multi-Service Center

Small Business Development

  • Reduce business license fees and health inspection fees to compete with adjacent cities
  • Reduce the sales tax
  • Reduce the length of the business license process to no more than two weeks
  • Hire a Business Ombudsman to help new business owners to navigate the process
  • Establish Business Development wing of the Development Department specifically to attract, nourish and sustain a small business
  • Redesign Broadway Corridor to restore parking, stimulate traffic, and reinvigorate our businesses


  • Take away median strips from Public Works and give back to Parks and Rec to keep the trees alive
  • Establish a historic tree registry for any tree over 75 years old
  • Hire an Arborist and Urban Forester to manage trees instead of cutting them down
  • Build Community Gardens and Parks in Communities of Color and Create a free mulch and organic soil distribution center
  • Cover the sulfur piles in the Los Angeles Port and protect Long Beach residents from air pollutants.
  • Buy and distribute Green Organic Waste Bins
  • Halt unnecessary infrastructure improvements such as: Belmont Pool, Beach Snack Shack, Astroturfing of El Dorado Park, Studebaker Road Diet, etc.
  • Designate office-holder account funds for neighborhood infrastructure improvements only, as they were originally intended