Below is a short summary of some of the issues facing the 2nd District and where Robert stands on them. Click on the links above to learn more details on these issues. 

If you don’t see an issue here that’s important to you, let us know and Robert will add it to the list.

The Broadway “Road Diet”

  • The road diet has been a disaster to businesses and residents.
  • It was poorly planned and executed with little to no public input.
  • Instead of increasing safety, it’s done the opposite and there are more accidents than ever and even our Fire Department opposed the changes.
  • All of this could have been avoided with better leadership that listens to residents and businesses.
  • Everyone’s safety is important, it shouldn’t be bikes vs. cars vs. pedestrians–we need to fix the road diet to work for everyone.


  • Parking is a huge issue in the 2nd District, made worse by current conditions and road diets.
  • Priority must be given to maximizing parking and restoring lost spaces.
  • We need to start a community conversation about parking structures that can serve both residents and businesses.
  • Every project approval must consider parking impacts.
  • I support app based solutions to help residents find parking.

Storm Drains

  • Our storm drain infrastructure is decades old, deteriorating and in need of upgrades.
  • Our current system can’t handle even the little rain we get and the road diet on Broadway hasn’t helped.
  • We need to invest in our infrastructure for safety, protection of property and to improve water quality.

Affordable Housing

  • Like cities up and down the state, Long Beach needs more affordable housing.
  • Affordable housing is not just for those of low and very low incomes, it’s also needed for our teachers and millennials and anyone who wants to call Long Beach home but can’t afford it.
  • It’s not enough to just zone for affordable housing, it has to be incentivized.
  • The City should identify any surplus or underused property it has and start discussing public/private partnerships to develop more affordable units.
  • We need to engage all stakeholders to establish buy-in—it’s not about being NIMBY or a YIMBY, it’s about what makes sense and doing it in a smart way.

Parking Citations

  • Parking citations have increased every year for the past three years.
  • While consequences are needed, too heavy a burden can be put on those who can least afford paying the citations.
  • Fines should be reasonable and fit the crime–we shouldn’t try to balance the budget on ever-increasing parking fines.
  • The 2nd District has the highest density of any district in the city—Alamitos Beach is called the “Cherry Patch” because it is such “easy pickings”.
  • It’s unfair for the Broadway “road diet” to take away parking and make it more confusing and then punish the residents for it.

Trees and Greenspace

  • The City needs to start listening to its residents and not just follow the latest trends.
  • We can’t defer maintenance of our parks and green spaces anymore–we need a funding plan for yearly maintenance and enhancement rather than only and rarely just addressing dead grass and broken playground equipment.
  • We need to cool our City and fight climate change by planting more trees in more areas and then keep them trimmed and healthy.
  • Changes and upgrades should engage residents and stakeholders so that our parks and green spaces reflect what they want, not what bureaucrats think we need.