I am glad you may have read my previous posts.
We need pragmatic steps to move on this agenda.
Beds? We do have a hotel voucher program, that is part of our bed count.
We do need a few more beds.

Transitional Housing: The Villages at Cabrillo are filled.
We do have some buildings that might serve.
The Port of Long Beach just abandoned their office building in the Port. That might be converted to housing with social services offices downstairs. This would provide the continuum of care. I love the idea of re-working buildings for new uses. It saves money and its repurpose is a benefit to the community at large. Transitional housing has to be centered. You cannot make this a distribution of housing as the services required are intense and daily if now hourly. If we cannot use the Port Building then another such facility must be found.

Permanent Housing:
We have several options besides landlords.
However, we have to be more business-minded.
The City of Long Beach purchased a lot in North Long Beach for permanent homeless housing. The value of the land was assessed at 2 million, yet we paid 12 million for the parcel. As a real estate broker, I know that the only individuals professionally who can close an escrow are an attorney or a real estate broker. The City used the City Attorney’s office. What is appalling to me is the lack of due diligence in this contract of sale. The City Attorney did not look into the tenant estoppels for the parcel. There was an Eddie’s Liquor store on the corner and a marijuana growing operation on the rest. The leases were specific. The marijuana growing consortium had a lease extension guaranteed in their contract till 2026. This kind of incompetence would lose a broker their license. Yet the City just has to suck that egg, because they now own the land, and cannot do anything with it until 2026.
That is a long time to wait for the use of an asset you just purchased.

We need a parcel somewhere in the City, close to the Blue Line, I would suggest, where we can build affordable housing.
As neighborhood leaders, we look for creating solutions. We see the City spending ridiculous amounts of money for construction when individually we could do it for 1/4th the price.
That last 1 bedroom unit we constructed for low-income housing in Long Beach cost approximately $541,000.00. This is insane. Somewhere someone is making a fortune on graft. There is simply no other explanation. So do we hold them accountable, or do we just say, This is how the City works.?
I am of the opinion that we must hold people, departments and elected accountable for bad decisions, fraud, graft, and bribery.
I researched a lot about affordable housing. There is a site, called CarteModular.com
These people have created a container type house, with plumbing and electrical and ready to connect for $45,000.00 for a single and $75,000.00 for a double. They are crane transportable anywhere in the State. They have all the approvals of the State of California and will easily pass our building and planning standards. This is a huge opportunity.
All we need is land. (How about the mobile home park on the entrance to Long Beach from the 710 freeway?) I would rather use the land for something like this.
Also, you have all read about Tiny Homes. These can be built for under 90,000.00 with everything included. Ready to go and set up. That is inclusive of the plumbing and electrical.
These options certainly beat our previous expensive attempts and building housing.

Somewhere in our construction costs is a payoff. I do not know where it is, but it is impossible given today’s average construction costs to come up with a half a million dollars for a one-bedroom unit.
Only a complete Fiscal Audit of this City will bring light to this issue.

I will bet dollars against a donut that City Hall will oppose this Audit with every ounce of strength they have. Whenever the thief wants to suppress the evidence, you can bet they are guilty. This City simply cannot afford to be swindled once more, nor overcharged for services that are so vitally needed to solve the Homelessness Problem.

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