My name is Robert Fox and I’m running City Council for the 2nd District of Long Beach in order to restore your voice. For too long, the residents and businesses of the 2nd District have been ignored by the incumbent councilmember, while she pursues policies that benefit the few and burden the rest of us.

Conflicts of interest, unsafe road diets, more congestion, less parking, more density, and fighting for counterproductive rent-raising gentrification policies are just some of the ways she’s worked against us, instead of for us.

It’s time to stop the 2nd District insanity and elect someone with common sense who cares about the future of our neighborhoods more than getting a headline.

But it’s not enough to just complain. I’m offering real solutions to our problems, and I want to work with our residents, neighborhoods and businesses to move the 2nd District forward for all of us.

I’m a 35+ year resident, homeowner, and local businessman who has worked to improve Long Beach and the 2nd District for decades. While others like to call themselves progressive, I’ve actually made progress happen.